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Cryspo offers a full and comprehensive respect concerning privacy to all “users” of the website. The term user refers to any person that uses the website, either to search for properties for sale or agencies who list their portfolios on the site. It applies to each and every website visitor in each and every capacity.

Cryspo are commited to your privacy and dedicated to protecting any personal information obtained via the Cryspo website. Any references pertaining to “We”, “Us”, “Our” or “Our Website” solely concerns Cryspo and all concerned with Cryspo and it’s relevant affiliates or assigned parties.

Cryspo reserve the right to alter, change or remove portions pertaining to the Privacy Policy, at any given time, and at the sole discretion of Cryspo. Albeit that notification of subsequent changes is possible, you, the client, the customer are fully responsible of reviewing all terms and conditions on a regular basis for any subsequent changes of Cryspo’s Privacy Policy. Furthermore, all prevailing terms stated in this Privacy Policy document are available in English version only. Cryspo holds no responsibility for any translated documents for the said Privacy Policy, the English terms are the dominant and prevailing terms.

Additionally, we recommend that you read, all documents made available concerning your subscription to Cryspo’s services before signature.

Information Obtained

We, at Cryspo, use your personal information to fulfill a service requested by you, the client, for example, email you with any special offers or process transactions that you’ve agreed to, after signing your terms and conditions agreements.

We extract personal information such as your name, email address and telephone number in order to aid us to fulfill the above suggestions and that given information will be processed by ourselves and others within the Cryspo group.


Our company may use one or more cookie which is a a minor file that is placed on your hard drive by a selection of our web pages. It will enable the site to recognize your preferences and aid Cryspo to analyze certain web page flow allowing us to customize and adapt our services to work better for our clients.

These cookies will not necessarily instantly and automatically collect and save data and you can opt to reject cookies via your computer browser, however, it may stop you using certain parts of the website.

Cookies And Third Parties

Additionally, any advertisements on our websites are considered to be third parties and may be subject to use of cookies to help measure the performance of their adverts. This may render our site susceptible to links where personal data is requested and collected. Our privacy policy does not extend beyond the direct use of our website and is categorically not afilliated in any way with the said third parties. We recommend that you refer to the third parties privacy policy directly before sharing any personal data.

Personal Information Usage

Personal Information may be subected to usage in the following manner :

  • To communicate with you, the client, concerning information, services and any products that you’ve requested from Cryspo.
  • To enable Cryspo to provide an optimal service regarding the website, yourself and the safety of your computer.
  • On acceptance from you, the client, to share information with any other third parties enabling direct communication regarding offers, goods, services and promotions.
  • For notification purposes concerning passwords and service amendments, for example.
    To provide you with information pertaining to any given offers, goods, services and promotions that we deem to be of interest.

In the unlikely event that Cryspo or any part of is sold, any part of their assets transferred, liquidation, bankruptcy or administration, your personal information may also be subject to transfer. Yet all personal information will remain subject to the Privacy Policy in hand from the date of external transactions from sale, transfer or administration. All information requested by local authorities, government instutions and such like, are subejct to binding legal regulations.

Cryspo/Client Communication

We, Cryspo will communicate with you, the client, regarding services, special offers, promotions, etc., via email unless you, the client, prefer to opt out of this form of communication between yourself and ourselves.